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Have a look around! We're a site dedicated to Moms (and Dads!) who love "playing with their kids" Webkinz.

You don't have to pretend here! You're among friends. You can admit you have your own Webkinz. You can admit you're hooked on Goober's Lab. You can admit to building a 50 room mansion for your pets. We won't judge you, because we're addicted, too!

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You will find other mature adults talking about Webkinz, their children, their hobbies, etc. You won't find rude, crude, or otherwise offensive content. While we don't have many strict rules, acting inappropriatley is strictly forbidden. We just want to operate a clean, friendly little site we can share with friends.

What will you find here?

Have a look around! We have a lot of great stuff about Webkinz, information for moms, parenting suggestions, etc. We also run contests frequently where you can win Webkinz!

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wheel of wow

Webkinz are adorable little stuffed animals that come with a secret code. You use the secret code to "adopt" your pet in Webkinz World. Once you adopt your pet, you start earning KinzCash by playing games in the arcade, spinning the Wheel of WOW, or getting a job from T. Von Meow in the Employment Office.

Once you start earning your KinzCash, it's time to spend it in the W Shop! You can buy rooms for your pet, and decorate them in numerous playful themes. You can buy different clothes for your pet to wear. And most importantly, you can buy food to feed your pet!

Grab your secret code, login to Webkinz World, and get started!